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CSI has founded and established in 2006 in United Arab Emirates by Alireza Tajzad. Specializing in Interior Design and FF&E. For more than 16 years in design and liquidating projects in the Middle East. Right Form the start smart ideas are made to measure Projects. We believe in order to create a beautiful and sustainable project is to build it smart. We believe in network and teamwork. With our significant professional experience, we created a holding of most advanced, smart Italian Companies in Modern Design, Engineering, Technology. FF&E is the key point to the finishing of fashionable design projects. Fashion interprets its time and identifies the moment so many paints in common with the creative work of an architect and interior designer or a decorator. With the most well-known artists and modern technology, ensuring perfection in every detail.




BMS is a multidisciplinary design firm founded in 1988. Aldo Bothni, Nicola Malatesta and Sergio Sgambati, engineers trained at the Polytechnic of Milan, are the founders of BMS. After a significant professional experience in Aldo Spirito’s design firm, the three partners merged into a single system affinities and ambitions in the composite construction sector.
BMS, leader in Italy in structural design since the early 90s, started a complex process of expanding its range of activities. Today the firm is divided into three specialized division architecture structures, MEP. BMS system engineering division builds its extensive skill and qualifications availability on the historical experience of BMZ, established MEP, Design Company born in the 70s. BMZ has systematically worked with BMS since the early 2000s and in 2006 it was 100% incorporated in BMS, completing therefore its specialist design services range.
Based in Milan, BMS Progeth operates throughout Italy and in many foreign countries. Our approach to the project is always multidisciplinary; even in the field of specialist services, it is developed with holistic approach in order to understand and coordinate the different logics of the final product. The dynamics of realization are defined at best and the maximum added value is awarded.
In addition to a continual research to develop specific know-how in the various disciplines, much has been invested in order to create technical coordination of projects and integration of the various specialize within work groups. Over time we have continually developed our expertise evolving from the development design to the proposed design, facing the idea from a conceptual one to an executive one. Our services are aimed at private clients – property developers, construction firms, general contractors, investors in general – and public clients – local administrations, health and social agencies, municipally owned companies. Our goal is to make every project achievable.

Interior Designer

It all started with a small furniture chain in Rome in the 70s. Custonnersfronn abroad visited the shops and asked for elegant and prestigious pieces of Italian design. But they weren’t looking only for furnishings. They also sought advice on how to place them in their bedrooms or living rooms, on how to create authentic Italian interiors in their homes abroad. That’s when Sandro Corvi had his vision: He realized such people needed guidance to help them build the home of their dreams. So the adventure began. The furniture shops evolved into creative workshops where architects and designers
collaborated with the customers to understand their desires for beauty and elegance and turn those desires into realities. Nurtured by their own familiarity with beauty, these architects started to spread the classic Italian style around the world. Customers expressly asked for it because it was the symbol of elegance and prestige, and Sandro and his team were happy to renew the Italian tradition around the world. That’s why Design 2000 International was born, and the furniture shops began to disappear.
Over the years, high-ranking government officials, ambassadors, and business leaders have persistently asked fora full-scale turnkey service called “Design & Build.” This was a huge challenge for the company, but it was an invaluable benefit to its customers because they didn’t need to worry about anything until the day they stepped into their brand new villa or government office and found
everything exactly as they imagined. All this is possible thanks to growing expertise that has developed over thirty years of crafting beauty for the world. In the meantime, word has spread and new markets have been discovered in Russia, Africa, and China, and soon our precious marbles and richly hand-embroidered silks are going to reach new villas and palaces around the world. Beauty never dies, and we are honored and privileged to be its worldwide ambassadors.
“When we started back in the 70s, we looked at the future as something to invent. Our very name – Design 2000 – hinted at this forward-looking approach and this yearning for innovation. Now, in 2014, we have thirty years of experience and a tradition to build on. Yet, it is crucial that we continue to understand how needs change over time. By doing so, our culture and tradition can be constantly renewed and open to new forms: it is the only way to keepabreastofthetinnes.”
Massimo Cioccoloni -CEO
“The refurbishment of a presidential palace in the Middle East required twenty architects on site and ten in Rome, twenty craftsmen working on the doors and finishes in Milan, and more than four hundred people among decorators, upholsterers, marble cutters, carpenters, and onsite laborers. The palace covers twelve thousand square meters, and the work was completed in onlyten months: It’s amazing what we can achieve thanks to the passion and team play of our people.”
Massimo Cloccoloni- CEO
“We are united as a team; we work alongside each other and often swap roles. Because we know all the problems that may arise along the way, we are organized to prevent them and complete everything on schedule.”
Roberto Nicolai — Chief Designer
The Group
Our headquarters is in Rome where the projects are followed step by step from idea to completion.
We also have branch offices in many other countries where we operate. In Qatar, the company is represented by its affiliate Italian Style Qatar, which operates its own plaster, joinery, decoration, and upholstery workshops. Our partnership with Colombo Stile, the leading Italian manufacturer of luxury furniture, is a key to enhancing our competitive edge in the market and allowing us to provide fully customized furnishings that are always delivered on time. Over the years, we have built a dense network of top-level collaborators worldwide, and we work with renowned architects, engineers, and designers including Armando Albeldas, Alberto Pinto, Maurizio Chiari, Giampiero Peia, Cesare Rovatti, Camillo Costantini, Giorgio Pes, Paolo Portoghesi, Vittorio Gigliotti, Massimo Dalla Torre, Francesco Lopez, and Antonio Citterio.


Our Products are designed and manufacture Entirely in Italy
Propose a host of ideas, extra-large formats differing dimensions for modern or more traditional methods of laying, 16 different type of wood, many different surface textures, more than 150 finishes, most of which exalt the natural tactile characteristic of wood, from traditional warm tones to more modern and fashionable colors, from the quite elegance of rich, earthy colors to the eye-catching grey., and the possibility of custom made finishes.
The wall has always represented the human need to communicate. Today with wallpaper this ancient tradition finds a new expressive dimension. This project wants to portray the interior decoration in a new way with graphics and illustration that will be the interior decoration trends for next season

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